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Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

‘Arts Therapist’ and ‘Integrative Arts Psychotherapist’ are protected titles used by qualified and registered practitioners. Creative processes facilitate the development of self-awareness, emotional growth and personal choice. This approach, alongside talking, is underpinned by a non-verbal aspect. The opportunity to use the arts adds a deeper layer of understanding and this approach has been proven to be particularly beneficial for people who find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings using words alone.

With art therapy, clients benefit from having a choice of expressive modalities to creatively explore issues and feelings. They find that it can help to describe, connect with and transform their lives. Using the imagination, metaphor and non-verbal expression can work on an unconscious level to accelerate the healing process. You do not need to be artistically talented to work with art therapy. With curiosity, playfulness and a willingness to explore creativity, it becomes clear that each art form provides a unique language for human experience.

Using the arts you may find yourself exploring with drawing materials, paints, clay, sand tray, creative writing, music and movement.

Arts Psychotherapy is available to everyone as a means to understand and work with change and difficult life circumstances. As well as supporting self development, it can be an effective treatment for a range of mental health diagnoses.

Working with a professionally trained and accredited therapist can form part of a holistic journey together with other forms of healing. It can also support clients undergoing medical interventions and prescribed medication. I trained at The Institute for the Arts in Therapy and Education, and had a previous career in music.

If you have any questions regarding Integrative Arts Therapy or Integrative Arts Psychotherapy, please get in touch.