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Polyvagal Perspectives

Polyvagal Theory was developed by Dr Stephen Porges and is increasingly informing the world of therapy. It has been proven to be particularly useful for working with trauma, described as ‘the art and science of safety and connection’. It uses the information from our autonomic nervous system to regulate emotions and help us to move through life with more flexibility and resilience.

Using exercises created by Deb Dana, I can help you to tune in to your autonomic response patterns, and engage with the regulating capacity of the ventral vagal system. It can be a profound realisation that we all have the possibility to re-pattern our thoughts, feelings and responses and create pathways for deep healing.

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), is based on the research of Dr Stephen Porges and his work with Polyvagal Theory. It functions as an acoustic stimulator of the vagus nerve.

It has been found to be particularly helpful for:

  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Auditory sensitivity
  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Trauma related challenges
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Sleep problems

This non-invasive 5 hour programme involves listening to music which has been specially filtered to rebalance the autonomic nervous system. As the listening progresses in stages, it engages the natural biological rhythms of homeostasis, encouraging social connection, wellbeing and feelings of safety.

SSP is not designed to be a standalone or quick-fix intervention. I use it alongside other somatic and regulation techniques. It is best used as a platform to help other therapies work more effectively and efficiently. I am a fully certified and licensed provider of the Safe & Sound Protocol. To find out more about Polyvagal Vagal Theory and how SSP works please contact me.

Safe and sound protocol